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Embrace Your Business: Weekend Intensive

****Applications are open for the Embrace Your Business: Weekend Intensive

Are you a coach or healer with a big purpose or calling but you haven’t been able to step up into it?

Holding back on what you know you need to do to execute it?

Are you tired of showing up and working your butt off only to find the results aren’t equaling the effort?

Do you own now this it is time to get out of your own way and to receive all you are deserving of and more?

Embrace your purpose
Elevate your income
Evolve your business

When you decide to commit to your purpose and evolve you will:

  • Gain the foundations for your leap into your next level.
  • Own your purpose.
  • Have a plan for moving forward.
  • Allow things to become easier in your day to day business life.
  • Understand and release what has been holding you back you from implementing the business steps you need to grow your business.
  • Feel energetically realigned to your work and able to see your big picture vision and the steps to take you to it.
  • Walk away with practical applications to support your next steps.

The best weekend intensive you will find.


Because it is all about you.

The Embrace Your Business: Weekend Intensive is a 1:1 experience where you come to spend the weekend with Trudi, in house to pull apart your business, your focus and systems to realign and rebuild it to propel you forward for faster outcomes.


What’s the break down?

  • You arrive Friday afternoon, get settled and we outline the big picture goals you’re wanting to achieve and start exploring your purpose and where you are at.
  • As all your food is provided we enjoy a nice evening meal and have an early night.
  • We start 10am Saturday morning and review systems, tighten up processes, and look at the gaps in your business.
  • If you need a signature system, we outline it and map the steps of the process.
  • We eat in or out for lunch, then we have a massage. Or we do this as the last thing before you catch your flight home. (The massage is included in the price)
  • We come back and work until the evening and we are both ready to rest. (There may be wine and 80s music if that’s your jam)
  • Sunday is the implementation and planning day. Short-term and long-term goals are reviewed.
  • You go home with the confidence to up level your business and your life, completely realigned with your purpose driven business. Your message magnetized and feeling fully supported with two weeks of implementation coaching included.

If you are ready and committed and enjoy the focus of 1:1 work, this weekend is for you.

It is time!
You are worthy of stepping up into your next level.
It’s a safe space to express your hearts desires and to build your business around that.
You’re ready.

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exclusive spots in this program.

*Admission is NOT guaranteed with completion of the form – all submissions will be reviewed and invitations will be offered to those who are an excellent fit for this experience.