Course Creator

Rather than trying to clone yourself so you can share your knowledge with 10 people at once, it makes sense for your business – and your sanity – to share your wisdom through a course.


But how do you create one? Market one? Run one?


This Chick Means Business’ Course Creator is the all-in-one package to take you from your initial idea through to full implementation and launch – with fun and support along the way.

Course program

Course Creator is delivered in eight weekly modules – but the learning is self-paced, so you can finish it as quickly as you like, or take advantage of the 120-day completion period to fit building your new course around your lifestyle.


Modules include:

  • Week 1: Mindset
    Ditching those confidence wobbles and developing the right mindset you need to thrive online.
  • Week 2: Understanding your client
    Who is your course even for? The best courses connect your knowledge with the people who need it. This module gives you a deeper understanding of who your ideal client is and the skills to congruently connect with them.
  • Week 3: Content creation
    In Week 4, we cover strategies for building your list by creating engaging content that connects with your ideal clients.
  • Week 4: Opt In creation
    In Week 4, we cover more strategies for building your list by creating engaging opt ins that connects with your ideal clients – with offers they will love.
  • Week 5: Tech, Tools & Topic
    In Week 5, we share the easy and affordable tools you need to deliver your course professionally. We’ll put your growing knowledge to the test and create the topic for your first course.
  • Week 6: Let’s get visible
    This week we’ll discover the kind of engaging content that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.
  • Week 7: Refining your work
    Week 7 gives you the knowledge to feel confident that you are building a course that makes sense to your clients – and not just to you.
  • Week 8: Launchpad
    In your final week, you will be mapping a custom launch plan for your new course so you don’t hear crickets when you open the gates for entries.


The weekly delivery means you have time to absorb everything you’re learning – and have the confidence to take action on each of the modules.

Course Creator bonus

Keen to boost your branding and build your client engagement? Course Creator includes access to a library of resources to help your course attract the kind of clients you love working with.


This is the first step to building your online empire – and regaining control of your business and your life by leveraging your time.

“A well crafted course engages the mind and creates powerful outcomes. Your clients deserve the best opportunity for successful completion.”



~ Trudi Pavlovsky

Course Extraction

Course Extraction: Next level support for next level results

This Chick Means business also offers 1:1 course extraction sessions to get you launch-ready with a professional, valuable course in half the time.  One of our course-building professionals will sit with you to understand the ideas in your head, the needs of your clients and the opportunities that sit in between.


Already run a course that flopped?

Have a course that flopped? These sessions are the perfect pick-me-up to rebuild what you have, to create something that your clients will be begging you to run over and over again. In these situations, often the work has been done – it just takes someone with an expert eye to tweak your message or streamline your process to unlock the potential of your hard work.


Ready to leverage your time and money?

If you know a course or challenge is the next logical step for your business but you need to chat to someone to understand what kind of course is the best fit for your business –and the tools and strategy you’ll need to bring it to life, book in now for a complimentary call with one of our course creation professionals.