Do you wonder if there’s something more for you in life but you don’t know where to start to get it?

Do you wonder why everyone seems happy & fulfilled but you’re still faking it until you make it?

Can you imagine a life of financial/lifestyle/emotional freedom, but it feels out of reach?

Me too … Well, I used to !

The above nearly drove me mad, no matter how much I was pushing forward to achieve I felt like a fake. The need to make money and be seen as successful made me feel like a liar in my own life. I constantly felt off balance and wanting to fight everyone who was making me be who I wasn’t.


It totally sucked and nearly broke me down.


I’ve done retail work but felt embarrassed I had to do that while building a business. I worked long days, slept badly and pushed myself to do it all again because that’s what it meant to be successful. I’ve stayed in painful relationships because I was tied to people professionally and saw no way out.


Then the day came when I realised what needed to change.


It wasn’t that what I had learnt was wrong, it was just delivered in scattered pieces by multiple coaches and I have yet to bring it all together.


I declared to myself that I was over feeling tired, stressed and caged into what others believed should be my reality and the time for excuses was done.


I made a promise that I would show people the faster way to live a happier and more congruent life to ones own dreams, not the life they are told they should be living.


To show how to let go of the conditioning, body programming and beliefs that kept people from living the life of freedom they craved while staying in integrity with their own soul.


Alignment is culmination of all my learning bought to you today..


When you change your mindset around what is possible and what creates your reality, everything changes.


When you change your approach to happiness by realigning your whole self: body, mind and emotions with the immutable laws of spirituality you can’t help but change your life.


Ten years ago I was depressed, burnt out and doing a job I hated.

Eight years ago I was co-dependant in a relationship that made us both miserable but was not financially or emotionally able to leave.

Five years ago I was on a pathway that wasn’t mine and felt caged into a business I didn’t love.


A year ago I changed my thinking and here we are.


I’m fit, healthy, happy, modelling again and have unshakable faith that life with turn out perfectly as I desire it too.



For Just  $997.00


What people are saying.

Trudie is so much fun to work with! She makes extracting all of your hidden goodness seem effortless. She is good at helping people dig down and figure out their ideal niche, content and strategy. And she knows about the mysterious tech stuff required to actually plan and run a webinar! Some kind of unicorn goddess! Also a fantabuluos and sparkly human being.

Ursula Faye Sadhna

Awesome, gorgeous and amazing! I’ve known Trudie for years and she has always seen in me, what I couldn’t see in myself, this shout out is long overdue. Aside from giving me so much love and support, she also helped kick-start my course creation journey, by helping me map out the content for my first paid program. I’m talking, literally extracting the content from my brain, into a workable system, Her patience, skills, quick-wit, quirkiness and loving nature, has since allowed me to be able to create programs with so much more ease, seriously peeps, if you want to create high value programs with someone who will back you up every step of the way, you really need to reach out to her.

Monique Alamedine

Experience rapid change and get great results! Trudie is compassionate and empathetic whilst also being simultaneously candid and kind. I have been so fortunate to work with Trudie for the last 3 months. In that time, I’ve gained the confidence to start up my business, go after new opportunities and to overcome my personal obstacles. I’ve never been happier! Bring on 2015! Trudie ia an amazing coach, so if you want to experience rapid change and get great results this year, don’t delay, sign up with Trudie today!

Jessica Robin Anwyl

What you get in Alignment

Understand how the body is sabotaging your efforts.

Recognise what values you aren’t honouring so they can be harnessed for your highest good.

Be willing to let go of the old identity that holds you back & forge a newer one that honours your purpose

Understand the frequency you are operating in and how to shift it so it stays changed.

Integrate trust and ease into your day to day life to improve your manifesting.



~ Weekly meditation to support the integration of the knowledge ~

~ Weekly module you can study in your own time frame ~

~ Access to our Facebook Group ~

~ Weekly group call for eight weeks ~

~ Digital Journal and Spiritual Guidance Book ~

For Just  $1000.00

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