It’s Your Time

We fast track entrepreneurs from having a hobby to running a real business that books out and builds wealth. 

We are a boutique agency of business accelerator specialists who can support your business growth from start-up and beyond.


Are you ready to get stuck into it? Because we’re ready to support you.


Global Sparkles delivers coaching, course-building and accountability for women who are ready to stop playing small and start building the kind of business that brings in clients and profits.

We love looking at life from a higher values base, spiritual energy and as co-creators not passive hopefuls.

  • Maybe you’ve hit a plateau with your business.
  • You want to grow but there are blocks in the way: time, money, wobbly confidence.
  • Your loved ones aren’t taking your business seriously – even though they should.


Global Sparkles will get you growing and fast, with custom coaching packages designed to match your  EXACT business needs.


Avoid the one to many system that takes your unique personality out of your work and shine with us. Your way.

Your Unique Strategy

It’s time to up-level with clear direction and a solid strategy for growth.

Founded by accredited NLP trainer and executive coach Trudi Pavlovsky, Global Sparkles helps entrepreneurs to build their business, boost their profile and bring in clients and feel great doing it.


We work with go-getters who aren’t afraid to put in the effort to build success.


More importantly, our clients appreciate the truth that you create a more powerful message when you’re fully present, open to wonder and, even in times of pressure, can still find the light within themselves to laugh and find the fun in the situation.


Our clients are free thinkers who seek something beyond the average.


If you’re looking for cookie cutter advice – or someone that’s going to hand you their swipe file and call it a day, then keep on walking, my friend.

Customised and Personalised

We’re all about giving you bespoke advice to shape your business.

And we’re here to kick your butt: with love.


We’ll also be the first to congratulate you at the finish line – or to give you a hand if you stumble.


We’ll get your vision and mission sorted, streamline your services and leverage your offering by focusing on the income-creating activities that are right for you.


Because we believe in purpose-driven business.


That you’re here because you want to make a difference. That’s why our vision is to help other humans do amazing things with their lives.


“I had a Business Accelerator Audit with Trudi and I’m incredibly grateful I did. Trudi is incredibly generous with her knowledge and I took so many notes and had so many new ideas to implement within my business strategy and marketing.

Thank you Trudi – you really do walk the talk. Korryn”

Your business can change the world.

If you’re ready to find the right strategy to launch your ideas forward, then we’d love to speak to you.


Life is a game.


Business can be fun.


Curious to know how you can play?


“Trudi is such a genuine, authentic and fun person to work with and she really knows how to get light bulbs going off! I highly recommend working with her if you are wanting to find out your strengths and how to get clients with today’s technology.”