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Welcome to the World of Global Sparkles

You’re in the right place if:

You’re a spiritual game changer, the black sheep, an empaths and gentle soul. One that never quite fitted in and the one that knows you’re here to make a difference.

You have courageously battled the demons of your past and know the power of embracing inner peace.

This space is for the ones who know.

 They know the world will be a better place, but sometimes feel trapped by their own circumstance.

Their inability to make the big difference they dream of; the difference they are told they are crazy to think they could be a part of anyway.

Who are asked “who do you think you are?”

The ones who have been pushed back, pushed down, belittled and laughed at but always find the strength inside to keep going.

To hold the dream.

To dare to be different.

To break the rules of society and who keep showing up in what ever capacity they can because their heart knows that someone is watching, someone will see and for that someone, it will make a difference.

I see you there, I hear your voice calling out in the busy white noise of the internet, I feel your heart longing to be more and do more with tour time on earth.

I’m recognise you because I am you.

Together lets walk the pathway of owning who you are, being comfortable in your own skin so you can shine even brighter.

That is isn’t money that crave but what it brings to your life. Space and freedom to do more and to be happy in a place that can feel heavy and dark.

Learning to trust the spiritual side of your being. The one you have questioned, doubted and at times even mocked for being weak while longing to connect to a higher being, a higher self and to be a part of a whole.

The energy, the purpose, shift your identity and own who you’ve always been.

Beautiful, perfect.

Whole and complete. Here to make a gentle and positive change in the world.


You might be wondering what we stand for? 


  • We stand for Unity consciousness.
  • Raising the vibration of the planet.
  • Seeing everybody win not just a select few.
  • We see a planet that is healed and whole.
  • Supporting the environments right to thrive.
  • People before corporations.
  • We stand beside minority groups for equal rights and support indigenous cultures rights to land and to save their sacred sites.
  • We’re spiritual and we also support peoples rights to believe in their own version of God.


We don’t have all the answers but we believe with the right conversations, the right education programs and a whole load of positive belief without bypassing that negative exists, that the world can change.

Our education programs are designed to be thought-provoking, to give people the tools to heal and by supporting the masculine and feminine energy to work together.

Also to pay forward success as we ALL create a wealthier and more abundant life.


The Facebook Group Simplified Happiness has been created to bring your more joy so you can spread that around the globe.


We are also going to pull apart the myths that happiness is hard work and takes years of therapy. 


Global Sparkles wants everybody to have an opportunity to live a life truly fulfilled and safe from fear, lack and doubt.


Welcome to our world, we look forward to you being a part of our higher level conversations.   


Trudi Pavlovsky

 Inspired Creator of

Global Sparkles 

Together we can create change.

Trudi Pavlovsky

Time to get out of your own way and stop the inner critic holding you back!

Are you are longing to help more people but stuck with a negative voice in your head that tells you that you can’t?

I put this mini course together to help you stop speaking unkindly to yourself and to start speaking your message.

Women are taught to play small from early childhood conditioning and doubt is a constant companion for many.

Getting your self talk sorted is the start of sharing your message wth a larger audience.


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