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Podcast LaunchesOctober Stay Tuned!

Welcome to the World of Global Sparkles


You might be wondering what we stand for? 


  • We stand for Unity consciousness.
  • Raising the vibration of the planet.
  • Seeing everybody win not just a select few.
  • We see a planet that is healed and whole.
  • Supporting the environments right to thrive.
  • People before corporations.
  • We stand beside minority groups for equal rights and support indigenous cultures rights to land and to save their sacred sites.
  • We’re spiritual and we also support peoples rights to believe in their own version of God.


We don’t have all the answers but we believe with the right conversations, the right education programs and a whole load of positive belief without bypassing that negative exists, that the world can change.


Our education programs are designed to be thought-provoking, to give people the tools to heal and by supporting the masculine and feminine energy to work together.

Also to pay forward success as we ALL create a wealthier and more abundant life.


The podcast (launching October 2019) is dedicated to delivering thought provoking conversations that encourage listeners to challenge their own beliefs, actions and thoughts on this planet.


Global Sparkles wants everybody to have an opportunity to live a life truly fulfilled and safe from fear, lack and doubt.


Our Patreon Account (coming soon) will be there to support the ongoing costs of running a pod cast and to create scholarships for people to work with us on improving their lives. People that previously might not have had an opportunity to work with us.


Welcome to our world, we look forward to you being a part of our higher level conversations.   


Trudi Pavlovsky


 Inspired Creator of


Global Sparkles 

Together we can create change.

Trudi Pavlovsky

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